5 Best Elliptical Trainers Under $1000 of 2023

best elliptical machine under 1000

What’s the Best Elliptical under $1000? With so many options for cardio out there how do you decide what’s best? You may start with a treadmill but they can be quite big and take up a lot of room. There is also the issue if you have any joint and knee pain. The constant pounding … Read more

The 5 Best Spin Bikes Under $1000 – Read Before You Buy

best spin bikes under 1000

There are a lot of popular workouts out there including things like CrossFit, F-45 and bootcamp classes. Right at the top of the list is always spinning classes. These are some of the most in demand types of fitness classes and places like Soul Cycle are household names. It’s because with cycling on spin bikes … Read more

The Best Power Racks Under $1000 – (2023 Review)

rogue RML-390F Flat Foot Monster Lite Rack

Fitness at large is a rewarding endeavor for those who choose to participate in this lifestyle. There are several aspects to it but sizing down to weight training, a lot more resistance exercises are incorporated into the regimen, and with that greater risk potency. For this reason, the need to input safety precautions cannot be … Read more

7 Best Folding Exercise Bikes Under $200

best folding Exercise Bikes Under $200

What would you do when you don’t have a gym near you or don’t feel comfortable going into one? You still need to get some exercise, but you may be tired of only being able to walk. This is why you want to look into biking. This is a great form of cardio that is … Read more

5 Best Budget Treadmills Under $500 in 2023

best budget treadmill under $500

Everybody wants to be fit, right? This is an undeniable fact for the most of us. More often than not, however, there are multiple factors that hinder us from doing so. Be it time, place, or even budget. Sometimes it just makes us wonder whether fate just does not want us to work– there is … Read more

What Essential Oils Work Best for Neuropathy and Nerve Pain?

best essential oil for neuropathic pain

For decades, essential oils have been utilized as a natural alternative to traditional medicines to manage a variety of symptoms and improve various health conditions. With an extensive range of essential oils available, each possessing unique properties to benefit and heal different symptoms, it’s no wonder why they’ve become so popular. Currently, there is a … Read more

Best Ice Socks and Cold Therapy Slippers to Relieve Foot Pain

best cold therapy socks for foot pain

Ice socks and cold therapy slippers are popular solutions for relieving various painful foot conditions and injuries in the comfort of your own home. These products are cost-effective and easy to use, and they have demonstrated their effectiveness in reducing foot pain caused by neuropathy, plantar fasciitis, arthritis, swollen feet, and burning feet, among other … Read more

The 5 Best Air Resistance Bikes For Crossfit

best air bikes for crossfit

If you’ve used an air bike before, you know what an amazing piece of fitness equipment it is. If you haven’t, you’re going to find out all about them. CrossFit athletes, you know they are some of the fittest people on earth and they often make use of these bikes. We’ve had stationary bikes for … Read more

6 Best Home Rowing Machine under $1000

best rowing machine under 1000

If you’ve ever looked at a rower, you’ve noticed how they are some of the fittest athletes on earth. Not only are they lean and muscular they have the endurance that even high level athletes can’t compete with. There are many options for cardiovascular equipment but a rowing machine may be one of the best … Read more

5 Best Rowing Machine Under $500

best rowing machine under 500

Unlike the past, where most people preferred gym membership, today, more and more are switching to home gyms. Home gyms are more convenient and cost-effective than a gym membership and allow you to exercises whenever you want. While it is up to you to decide which workout equipment to keep in your home gym, one … Read more