What Essential Oils Work Best for Neuropathy and Nerve Pain?

best essential oil for neuropathic pain

For decades, essential oils have been utilized as a natural alternative to traditional medicines to manage a variety of symptoms and improve various health conditions.

With an extensive range of essential oils available, each possessing unique properties to benefit and heal different symptoms, it’s no wonder why they’ve become so popular.

Currently, there is a growing interest in essential oil therapy for neuropathy treatment. Essential oils have been found to alleviate symptoms and have a positive impact on individuals experiencing neuropathy.

By exploring the mechanism behind this treatment and identifying the most effective essential oils, you can discover how to leverage this form of therapy to alleviate neuropathy symptoms.

Research Behind Essential Oil’s Treatment of Neuropathy

Essential oils and aromatherapy have been utilized as natural remedies for centuries and are renowned for their effectiveness in reducing nerve pain, inflammation, and swelling while also calming the nervous system.

These traditional medicines have garnered widespread popularity, yet modern scientific research regarding their use for neuropathy remains limited.

While essential oils do not offer a cure for neuropathy, scientific studies suggest that they may help to alleviate the symptoms of this condition. Neuropathy encompasses a variety of nerve-related disorders, including neuralgia, which is characterized by intense pain caused by nerve damage. Although essential oils cannot cure neuralgia, they may provide relief from the associated discomfort.

According to a study conducted in Turkey in 2017, it was observed that diabetic nerve pain in patients significantly reduced by 66% when they received aromatherapy massage with essential oils on their feet. This percentage was much higher compared to the mere 9% drop in nerve pain observed in patients who received medical care without any aromatherapy massage.

Similarly, a study conducted in the United States in 2010 also reported similar results with a homeopathic essential oils blend. However, despite these promising results, there is still a need for further research in this field to fully understand the potential benefits of essential oils in managing diabetic nerve pain.

Although there are limitations to the research conducted on essential oils and their impact on patients with neuropathy, several studies suggest that they can have a positive effect. Moreover, extensive research has revealed significant evidence supporting the ability of essential oils to alleviate pain.

The Best Essential Oils For Neuropathy Treatment

Although essential oils do not offer a complete solution for neuropathy, they can provide numerous advantages in alleviating neuropathic symptoms. Numerous studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of certain essential oils in treating neuropathy.

Therefore, based on these research findings, we have compiled a list of the best essential oils that can be used for neuropathy treatment.

1. Lavender

Numerous patients who suffer from different forms of neuropathy often complain of nerve pain and other symptoms that can prevent them from getting a good night’s sleep. Lavender oil is recognized for its ability to promote a sense of relaxation, which may help alleviate these issues and improve the quality of sleep for patients.

A study conducted in 2016 investigated the effectiveness of lavender oil aromatherapy in treating peripheral neuropathy symptoms. The findings of this study revealed that individuals who received lavender oil treatment reported a significant reduction in their nerve pain and experienced anti-anxiety effects.

Moreover, lavender is a beneficial essential oil that possesses anti-inflammatory properties, which can help alleviate pain in neuropathy patients. Therefore, incorporating lavender oil into neuropathy treatment plans may provide therapeutic benefits for individuals dealing with this condition.

2. Vibrant Blue Oils’ Nerve Repair oil blend

Vibrant Blue Oils' Nerve Repair oil blend

Vibrant Blue Oils has designed a unique Nerve Repair blend specifically for those individuals who suffer from nerve damage and peripheral neuropathy. The blend consists of four powerful essential oils that have been expertly combined with natural coconut carrier oil to combat neuropathy.

The blend has been shown to be effective in repairing damaged nerves, reducing nerve pain, minimizing inflammation, promoting blood circulation, reducing swelling, and aiding in the generation of new cells. It is a fantastic combination of aromatherapy that works wonders for neuropathy and diabetic nerve pain.

To use the Nerve Repair blend: Gently massage 2-3 drops of the blend onto the affected area, which is typically the feet or hands in the case of neuropathy. Alternatively, the blend can be applied to a cold compress and left for 15 minutes. Depending on your needs, it can be applied 2-3 times per day. This natural remedy is an excellent option for those looking for a holistic approach to their neuropathy treatment.

3. Rocky Mountain Oils Nerve Support Essential Oil Blend

Rocky Mountain Oils Nerve Support Essential Oil Blend

Rocky Mountain Oils is an American company that specializes in selling high-quality essential oils globally. The company is family-owned and is known for its commitment to sustainability.

Michael and Phoenix, the owners, meticulously select their products from sustainable farms, ensuring that they offer only the finest quality of 100% pure, natural, and clean essential oils and blends.

One of their most popular products is the Nerve Support Blend, which is specially formulated for patients suffering from neuropathy. The blend contains a combination of four essential oils that have unique effects on the nerves. These oils are known for their pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory, nerve tonic, tissue regeneration, nerve repair, blood circulation boosting, and soothing properties. This blend is diluted in natural coconut oil and can be applied directly to the skin. The small size of the product makes it convenient to carry and use on the go.

Many customers have reported experiencing significant relief from neuropathic foot pain after using this blend.

4. Holy Basil

This particular oil is commonly utilized to provide various health benefits, particularly for individuals experiencing nerve pain. In a study conducted on animals in 2015, it was discovered that the extract from holy basil significantly reduced neuropathy pain in the injured nerve.

Moreover, holy basil also has potent anti-inflammatory properties similar to those of lavender oil, which can considerably alleviate pain. Those suffering from fibromyalgia, a chronic condition characterized by pain related to nerve signals, have reported finding relief from their symptoms with holy basil.

However, before using it as a treatment, it’s essential to seek advice from a medical professional, as while there is promising evidence for the use of holy basil in neuropathy, caution is advised.

5. Organixx Anti-inflammatory Essential Oil Blend with Frankincense and Myrrh (Non-GMO)

Organixx Anti-inflammatory Essential Oi

This brief yet persuasive formula utilizes aromatherapy to alleviate the symptoms and pain caused by neuropathy.

According to research, the use of frankincense oil can improve the transmission of messages from the nerves to the brain, ultimately reducing nerve pain. Myrrh is believed to interact with the opioid system, obstructing the brain’s perception of pain, as well as reducing inflammation and providing a slight cooling sensation to the skin. Turmeric, a potent anti-inflammatory and relaxant, can effectively alleviate pinched nerve pain.

Organixx’s combination of essential oils is an excellent choice to try if you’re struggling with nerve pain, and it also has a pleasant fragrance. It’s important to note that these are 100% pure essential oils, and you should dilute a few drops into a carrier oil before applying them to your skin.

Can essential oils treat neuropathy?

It is important to note that essential oils and aromatherapy should not be considered as a cure for neuropathy. Neuropathy is a serious medical condition that requires proper medical treatment and care. It is highly recommended that you consult with your doctor before considering any alternative treatments.

Although essential oils cannot cure neuropathy, they may provide some relief from the symptoms associated with the condition, including pain, tingling, numbness, and discomfort. However, the effectiveness of essential oils may vary from person to person, and it is important to keep in mind that they are not a substitute for professional medical advice and treatment.

You should not stop or change your current medical treatment without first consulting your doctor.