The 5 Best Spin Bikes Under $1000 – Read Before You Buy

best spin bikes under 1000

There are a lot of popular workouts out there including things like CrossFit, F-45 and bootcamp classes. Right at the top of the list is always spinning classes. These are some of the most in demand types of fitness classes and places like Soul Cycle are household names.

It’s because with cycling on spin bikes you get one of the best workouts you can do. With all the options for cardiovascular equipment, a spin bike can be the best choice. They not only provide you with an amazing cardiovascular workout but they can be more affordable than treadmills and elliptical machines. They are also compact and no matter where you live you will have some room to keep a spin bike in your place.

Workout wise you are getting the perfect combination of cardiovascular and muscular endurance. You can perform endlessly different workouts which will always keep your body guessing and this drives results. Your body responds well to a changing stimulus and a spin bike allows you to never have to do the same workout twice.

For boosting your fitness, the best workout is the one you haven’t done yet. There is also no impact or resistance on the knees and joints making them a great choice for those who have trouble with running or walking.

With cycling, you can go for long steady state periods of exercise and lock into a full cardiovascular workout. You can also do sprinting intervals which are one of the best ways to perform high-intensity interval training. This type of training involves performing an all-out sprint on the bike for 20-30 seconds followed by a 90-120 second slower-paced recovery period.

For the sprint part, you will want to increase the resistance on the bike and then lower it off for the recovery part. This training helps to burn more calories, build lean muscle, boost your anaerobic and aerobic fitness, and improve your VO2 max. It’s the reason that competitive cyclists are among the fittest athletes on earth.

At a Glance – Best Spin Bikes under $1000 of 2023

After spending countless hours on researching indoor exercise bikes over the various portals, we have come up with 5 of the best home spin bikes of 2023. These bikes were selected based on their durability, affordability and ease-of-use.

Sunny Health & Fitness Evolution Pro
(Editor's Choice)
Belt Drive330lbs4.5
Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle
(Best Overall)
Belt Drive300lbs4.8
Schwinn Fitness IC3
(Best in Budget)
Belt Drive300lbs4.7
Sole Fitness SB700
(Best Heavy-duty)
Belt Drive300lbs4.3
Marcy Club Revolution BikeChain Drive300lbs4.2

1. Sunny Health & Fitness Evolution Pro – (Editor’s Choice)


The SF B1714 is a high-end bike that will keep you covered for any spin workouts you are looking for.

It is a magnetic resistance based spin bike which creates one of the smoothest spinning experiences while still providing accurate resistance to provide an amazing workout. The magnetic resistance also means it’s very quiet so it can be used even while other people are sleeping.

It features a highly durable 3-piece crankset with a heavy flywheel at 44 lbs. for a smooth ride during spin workouts and the entire bike can be easily moved around with its built-in wheels.

Additionally, the Q-Factor features 6.9 inches spacing that positions your feet at the pedals naturally for minimized stress on the knees and ankles.

The Sunny Health & Fitness evolution pro comes with a high comfort chair at 8 inches wide and 10 inches long allowing plenty of contact surface. You can adjust the seat back and forth or up and down for maximum comfort and stability. Also it can accommodate someone weighing up to 330 lbs.

This exercise bike features multiple hand grips so you can vary your position which allows for different workout variations – such as high-intensity interval training or regular steady state riding.

Besides the multi-grip handlebar features a tablet holder that allows you to keep your smartphone or tablet nearby. Sunny included convenient transport wheels that will enable the bike to move around with ease and for easy portability and storage.

Key Features

  • 4-way adjustable seat – Besides including a comfortable seat, it can be adjusted to balance your height with the handlebar grips you use. This gets you to the correct body position for your size and means multiple people can use it.
  • Adjustable tension knob – Using a simple twist know you are quickly, and accurately, able to change the intensity of the bike allowing for fast variations in resistance to change up your spin workout.
  • Tablet Holder – On the handlebars, there is a designated space for your tablet which will allow you to follow online workouts transforming the bike into a multi-media spin bike.
  • Water bottle holder – Placed in a convenient location it allows you to stay hydrated throughout your workout without having to leave the bike.

2. Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle – (Best Overall)


Keiser has 20 years of manufacturing experiencing and it all goes into the M3i. This spin bike combines the durability of commercial quality but with features and connectivity that would make it at home in a high-end health club.

This bike features the industry’s first V-shape frame that mimics the different road-bike frames and an adjustable seat and handlebars for comfort and stability.

Additionally, Keiser M3i features a simple drive train for speed while the lightweight aluminum flywheel offers high magnetic resistance, which is perfect for high-intensity cardio workouts.

It has a two-magnet eddy current resistance system and a Poly-V belt which provides a smooth ride and virtually no sound.

Maintaining this bike is easy since the transmission doesn’t require lubrication – all you have to do is run periodic checks for loose or damaged parts. Also, the bike comes with superior sweat protection for increased life. This makes it a durable, and longer lasting spin bike.

This system is set up over smaller pulleys than you would find on a standard spin bike creating an effect that feels more like riding a real road bike. This is a bike that was the first to offer Bluetooth connectivity with a cycling computer to track your stats and workouts.

Overall, the Keiser M3i combines the durability of a commercial-quality indoor bike that ensures tight quality control and comes with a rear mounted flywheel, making it an excellent choice for doing exercises at home, the gym or a health club.

Key Features

  • A media tray for your tablet or phone to follow live workouts or for entertainment while you spin.
  • The bike is designed for no maintenance and zero adjustments giving you more peace of mind and saving you money for any upkeep
  • The bundle also comes with stretch pads and floor mats to give you a full workout experience in your own home
  • A V-shaped frame to help mimic different road conditions to vary between different cycling workouts.
  • The ability to connect with the Keiser M-series app and train with real-time graphs to see your power, heart rate, and cadence range dials for multiple workouts

3. Schwinn IC3 Indoor Cycling Bike – (Best in Budget)

Schwinn IC3 Indoor Cycling Bike

The Schwinn IC3 indoor trainer gives you a great-feeling spin bike experience at home, that has a super-heavy 40lbs flywheel and top-down magnetic resistance. These features are usually in the high-end spin bikes but provide you with an elite level of cycling.

It has a near-silent belt drive mechanism which makes it ideal for home use and it is supported by a stable frame to accommodate all sizes of riders.  Although it doesn’t come with marked out levels of resistance, it features a manual resistance that turns the tension knob at the front of the frame on the flywheel.

The Schwinn IC3 has an informative 3” x 4” LCD display to help you track your workouts such as time, distance, calories burned and resistance. On the down side, it doesn’t come with heart rate monitor so you would have to invest in a compatible heart rate monitor.

Besides, you’ll not need to have ongoing maintenance or major adjustments for trouble-free rides. Additionally, your sweat won’t get to the belt and damage it thanks to the drive guard included on both sides of the belt drive.

The seat is well padded making it easier to sit if you’re doing long workouts and can be adjusted vertically or horizontally. The fore/arf adjustment feature comes in handy when the riders are of different sizes so that they can use different riding positions.

There is an infinite number of adjustments you can make between the seat and handlebars to not only accommodate any sizes and heights but so you can create the ultimate custom cycling experience. This indoor bike has a dedicated water bottle holder attached to the handlebars, stay hydrated while doing intense workouts.

The Schwinn IC3 comes with SPD pedals that can be found only on commercial bikes, which are more secure than traditional toe straps. If you have SPD shoes already then this feature would be beneficial for you.

This spin bike is an economical option for those who are looking to get a high-end spinning experience in their own home or garage gym which comes under $1000 of range.

Key Features

  • User capacity up to 300lbs
  • SPD pedals and decent seats
  • Adjustable resistance using a brake to vary the intensity of your workouts
  • Compatible with Pulse heart rate monitor
  • Adjustable racing-style handlebars to create a more realistic real-life road bike spinning experience

4. Sole Fitness SB700 Exercise Bike – (Best Heavy-Duty)

Sole Fitness SB700 Exercise Bike

Sole Fitness SB700 features a heavy duty 48-pound chrome plated flywheel that offers a smooth ride and a wide range of resistance challenges making it an ideal choice for an indoor cycling exercise bike.

The SB700 is a compact and lightweight bike that weighs in at only 140 pounds, but can hold up to 250 lbs. It is 22-inches high and 50 inches long and can be used in even the tightest of spaces. This indoor exercise bike makes a great crossover for someone who does a lot of outdoor riding and wants to replicate that in their own home.

The SB700 also makes use of a Kevlar breaking design meaning a more accurate and precise riding experience. If you’ve ever taken commercial spin classes, you will be able to recreate that experience while at home.

Unlike magnetic bikes, you won’t get the same levels of resistance in the Sole Fitness SB700. However, turning each knob provides a challenging workout to suit the needs of indoor cycling, spinning, and training

This spin bike does not have any wires or cords and the resistance is provided by real components meaning there is not a lot that can go wrong with it. It still is heavy duty so you can perform very intense workouts knowing it will keep up with them.

The Sole Fitness SB700 Exercise bike feature compact dimensions and large transport wheels that allow you to store and move from one room to another effortlessly. Besides the heavy stabilizers located at the bottom of the bike prevent it from rocking and wobbling during intense workouts.

On top of that, the bike features multi-seat and handlebar adjustments that allows you to have a secure custom fit for spinning and training. The seat is soft, breathable and well cushioned for increased comfort and to keep cool during summer.

Key Features

  • Resistance knob for quick changes in intensity to give variation to your workout
  • Built-in LCD console that is backlit to give you various stats of your workout including RPM, time, calories burnt, speed, and distance
  • Adjustable handlebars and seat to create different positions for various types of spin workouts
  • A very comfortable and adjustable seat so you can ride for long periods of time without the aggravation

5. Marcy Club Revolution Bike Cycle Trainer

Marcy Club Revolution Bike Cycle Trainer

A very trendy and functional looking bike that looks like it could come right out of a commercial spin class.

This a great spin bike to get high-intensity workouts while keeping the pressure off your knees and joints. It is a very sturdy bike made of steel with a powder coated finish.

It uses a chain-drive mechanism that is connected to a 40-pound flywheel which means it stays stable no matter how intense your cycling workout is. Besides, there’s also a built-in brake system that brings the flywheel system to a quick halt with minimal effort.

The Marcy Revolution bike includes a water bottle holder that you can use to keep water for rehydration during a cardio workout. You can quickly move the bike or store it away when not in use thanks to the transportable wheels that make it a practical choice for use at home or in small office spaces.

The bike is easy to control thanks to the solid pulley that the manufacturer included for ultra-quiet and smooth cycling movement.

Whether you stay in the saddle or are standing up for more intense hill climb sessions, this bike can hold up to 300 pounds even in a standing position. The Marcy Club revolution bike cycle trainer features a road bike-style saddle to feel like you’re in a real road situation from the comfort of your own home.

Key Features

  • An ergonomic design for a more natural use and comfort
  • A built-in water bottle holder for quick access to hydration
  • Rubber foam handles that can be adjusted along with an adjustable seat
  • An easy-to-use resistance knob for quick and accurate intensity changes.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Spin Bike

Working out on a spin bike is an effective way to reach your cardio fitness goals. They come in a simple design that features a large flywheel at the front and with a wide range of prices. There are several things that you need to consider when choosing the right bike with features that will provide you with a good steady workout. Let’s dive in and find out which features are the most critical.

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The weight of a wheel is an essential criterion to look for when purchasing a spin bike. Most spin bikes in the market weight between 30 to 50 pounds. The more massive a flywheel, the more comfort and fluidity of peddling it offers you meaning that it will feel smooth and remove jerkiness.

Also, the weight is directly related to resistance and stability. A massive flywheel requires more effort to peddle and slow down while a too light wheel will cause unpleasant jerks when peddling. Always go for one with a medium weight.


Most users prefer spin bikes that come with Toe Cages that prevent spillage and improve workouts. Besides, spin bikes offer a similar experience as they feature the same pedal type as the regular bikes. You can change the pedals and use the one that can fit the size of your shoe.

Also, pedals are attached to robust crankshafts that allow you to stand and push hard when straining against the resistance.


Most indoor cycling bikes tend to take a great deal of space. If you’re working with minimal space like in an apartment, you need to consider the exact dimensions as some spin bikes will take more space than others.

In addition to this feature, if you’ll be exercising at home, ensure that the model you want to purchase won’t disturb others in your household. Fortunately, most spin bikes are quiet, should you experience any noise, regular maintenance should be able to fix any issue.

Resistance Levels

Indoor cycling bikes feature either magnetic or friction resistance. Friction resistance offers continuous and incremental resistance while a magnetic one offers increased resistance by turning a knob closer to the flywheel which helps in burning more calories.

Since the magnets don’t move closer to the flywheel, they give you the advantage of low noise and don’t wear out quickly. Some spin bikes will indicate the level of resistance if they have a console – which takes us to the next feature.


If you’re serious about tracking your workout progress, then we’d recommend you buy a spin bike that features a console component that allows you to monitor heart rate, distance traveled, calories burned and time lapsed. With such data that you strategize your training for increased effectiveness.

Many spin bikes in the market don’t come with a console unit. However, you can purchase this separately and record information for fitness accounting.

Height Adjustments

High-end bikes give you the ability to adjust the handlebars in four directions- upwards, downwards, backward, and forwards. The seat can either be adjusted vertically or horizontally depending on your requirement.

High-end spin bikes feature both seat and handlebar adjustments that will allow you to do intense exercise for excellent riding experience. Adjusting the seat and the handlebars enable you to fit the bike according to your height to avoid any straining or muscle overuse that may lead to an injury. Even with all the adjustments, not all indoor bikes will fit all heights, therefore, check the one that suits you.


As with any piece of equipment, indoor bikes have ongoing support that involves tightening loose bolts and nuts which should be done regularly like once a week to ensure that all the parts are well lubricated and tight to handle intense workout. A typical maintenance routine should take you a few minutes a week.

In addition to this feature, portability and storage are indispensable. Spin bikes are heavy pieces of equipment due to the flywheel and steel frame construction which can weigh over 100 pounds. Since spin bikes are indoor bikes, they are also bulky and not foldable so make sure that you have enough space to keep it.

Maximum User Weight

The weight of a spin bike and the maximum user weight supported are interlinked. A light spin bike features low maximum user weight of between 90-100kgs while a heavy spin bike features a higher maximum user weight of between 120-150kgs.

To avoid any issues, we recommend you go for user weight that doesn’t touch the maximum user weight. Besides, you can always purchase the next higher level.


Indoor cycling bikes tend to feature a minimalist in their approach to accessories. Since most spin bikes are designed to provide the user with a similar experience as riding an outdoor bike, they don’t feature many accessories. The most they can stretch to is a bottle or mobile device holder.


Budget is one of the essential items to consider when buying a spin bike. Therefore when purchasing an indoor spin bike, you want to make sure you go for the right one. Low-end bikes cost under $500 while those focused on high-end users comes with more features can cost you up to over $2000.


Indoor bikes can provide you with a full body workout. So, it’s crucial that you invest in the right model by research and reviewing the different types available in the market. A well-adapted choice paves the way for improved cardio work out routines and consequently enhances your health.

Besides, you can go for a model that’s affordable and features durable components to serve you decades to come.